Dodgy Dave & a Snake Oil Salesman.

Dodgy Dave and a Snake oil salesman.

An elderly Oriental couple set up stall at the space adjacent Punky. It’s basic, a folding table and two suitcases & banner reading “snake oil” for sale, it creates curiosity. Stan & Issy announce a film crew visited yesterday. Everyone’s convinced it’s a set up, and secret filming is occurring for a TV comedy show. The atmosphere’s vigilant. Dodgy Dave, a wheeler & dealer Conman arrives. Punky decides he’s victim No1, announcing, “that snake oil’s selling fast”. Dave’s straight across sampling the healing properties of Chinese water Snake’s oil on his arthritis elbow joints. Miraculously it works! Bottles are £3 & £5. He buys the lot. The bottles must be filled from a container in the other case. Dave say’s he’ll return in an hour. On leaving he’s overheard on his phone booking a stall for tomorrow at another market and touting his wonder potion at £35 & £50 per bottle. Yesterday’s film crew appear requesting permission to make a documentary. Recriminations begin over this catastrophic blunder. Punky announces Dodgy Dave may have “got what he wants” but won’t “want what he gets”! Punky asks the Donut stall for their used cooking oil, they oblige. Punky alerts the couple to Dave’s unscrupulous tactics. The stallholder’s now plan his downfall assisted by the old couple. Dave collects his counterfeit bottled oil. Dotty advises the film crew they should visit Shipbank Lane Market tomorrow seeking out the flamboyant Dave selling healing oils!