Grassed up

Trading Standards raid the market for counterfeit & dodgy goods. They reach Punky’s area targeting “Wee Ernie’s Replica Sportswear” beside Dotty. Having no luck, they harass Stan & Issy. The press arrive having been tipped off. Punky & Reggie conclude they’re determined to find something. Punky & Reggie appear high & semi non-compliant. A Trading Standard officer observes a Joint lodged behind Reggie’s ear. The Police are called. They search Reggie & Punky, each are found possessing a clear bag with its contents appearing to be Grass. They claim it’s for personal use only. They’re issued Formal Caution Notices & the packages confiscated for analysing. The Police leave, the press still snooping around overhear Punky & Reggie apologise to Jenny for taking her loose Chinese Green Tea, which they promise to replace!