The Lady and the Lamp

Bouser has an attic find, an unframed painting lodged between two pieces of plywood. It’s quality; the subject explains why it was never framed. Its “A Lady of the night” standing under a Victorian St Lamp. Bouser discreetly displays it to the rear of his stall priced £100. It attracts the strange & weird. Dotty notices it. That evening she researches the Artist, he’s dead, his works collectible, the painting unlisted. Next morning she arrives to inform Bouser. He’s bartering with a man who’s attempting to purchase it for silly money. Dotty alert’s Punky, he barges across saying the painting now sold. The customer becomes aggressive believing it’s a set up to rip him off into paying more. Punky questions the mans motive for wanting the artwork accusing him of being a pervert. He quickly leaves. Punky suggests giving the painting a raunchy title to attract interest. It fetches £60,000 at Auction. Bouser splits the cash with Dotty. She invests it into her Animal Sanctuary. He gets a deposit for a flat and purchase an engagement ring to surprise Bertha at Christmas.