The Season of Goodwill

It’s a frosty Christmas Eve, Santa’s in his Grotto located in the pop up space. All Santa visits, raffle tickets & mulled wine are sold for charity. The stallholders buy rounds of mulled wine, Miss Nixon the market owner showing seasonal spirit participates. Everyone is tipsy. The Sham’s resident DJ, Dunky Mac, AKA “Funky Dunky” sets up a PA system beside Santa’s Grotto for the raffle draw, presenting gifts & playing festive tunes. Santa falls hurting himself; he’s taken to Hospital. Rasta Reggie becomes the replacement Santa, the kids know he’s fake! Punky claims he’s Santa’s assistant as Santa received an emergency call from his Elf’s. The Reindeers are fighting & biting lumps out each other over who gets to drive his sleigh. So he’s returned to Lapland, to sort them out! Miss Nixon now pissed volunteers to become Santa. She’s doing a good job. A kid exits the Grotto announcing Santa’s dropped his glasses, he can’t see without them. Punky tests that theory. Sue knocks his door asking can her 11year old son who still believes in Santa visit him! The reply’s yes, Punky enters, he sits on Santa’s knee requesting a Police Taser Gun! Santa says “ A toy Taser gun” That’s a new request” “I’ll ask the Elf’s” Punky says, no I want a real one! I’m going to Taser those bad boys who tease me for believing in Santa and give a couple of nasty teachers a good shock. Punky & Reggie draw the raffle, they’ve fixed it! The benefactor is a deserving wee lady. Bouser collects Bertha’s gift, a commissioned engagement ring. He shows it off to the girls. He calls Bertha, she excited as he surprises her announcing he’s traveling that long distance to her home in the West Country for Christmas together.